Matchbook Romance is the "New Noise"

In the brand new Feb. issue of Alternative Press, Matchbook Romance fans will read great things about the up and coming "VOICES". In the "Wiretapping" section they said this:

"Rarely do you see bands in the current punk scene make an effort at reinventing themselves. Groups figure out their formula and stick to it, never coloring outside the lines. With "VOICES", Matchbook Romance prove they are one of the rare few who don't just tiptoe out on that creative limb; they jump up and down until the damn thing breaks. Forget what you know about MR (especially that "screamo" tag); THIS IS THE NEW NOISE."

If you haven't pre-ordered the record, please do yourself a favor and head on over to href="" target="_blank"> and get one.

Right now the record is the 4th hottest CD on the site, and it is still a month and a half away from hitting the streets. Thanks to everyone that has ordered already.