Matchbook Romance is interviewed by!

Matchbook Romance seem to be have a moodier, more mature sound than other emo bands, such as their current touring buddies All American Rejects. We spoke to Andrew (vox/guitar) and Ryan (bass) to see if something has p*ssed them off...

So to anyone who doesn't know who and what are Matchbook Romance?
RYAN: A lot of bands have gotten too caught up in the super, super specific genre names, like, we're post hardcore, screamo, emo, metalcore but we just call ourselves a rock band. We're very moody. We play very beautiful, uplifting, romantic songs to very scary, very dark, hard-hitting parts.

Why the name Matchbook Romance?
RYAN: We are kinda romantic, Andy sings a lot about personal experiences and relationship based things. I mean, we definitely have a romantic vibe as a band so it fits. It didn't really start out with a specific meaning for who we were. We've kind of made our own meanings out of it since then. In old movies when people met at a bar they wrote their number down on a matchbook and gave it to each other. It doesn't really have any super special hardcore meaning for us, it's just a name we came up with when we had to. The music speaks for itself and the name just goes along with it

Have you ever written your number down on a matchbook to give to a girl?
RYAN: No, cell phones nowadays. You just programme it right in.

Last time you couldn't help laughing when you really shouldn't have?
RYAN: When we were in Amsterdam we saw this guy on a scooter. He was clearly handicapped but he's flooring it through a busy street. We were just laughing straight at him and then we were, like, we feel bad because he's handicapped.
ANDREW: But he could work that thing. He could be a stunt double. He was kicking ass, he was insane.'

What is always bound to cheer you up?
ANDREW: My woman and my dog
RYAN: I don't have a dog anymore but my dog did used to cheer me up. Just hanging out with my friends back home.

Stupidest question you've ever been asked by someone?
RYAN: How do you feel about downloading your music on the Internet? How the f*** do you think I feel? I want the money [laughs]. It's not like Lars Ulrich [Metallica drummer who really hates illegal music downloading] style or anything but that was a stock question for the past four years.
ANDREW: Do you have it on your list?

No, we have some much more stupid questions.
ANDREW: Ah, we got a real reporter [laughs].

Last time you had a bit of a crisis?
ANDREW: Ryan losing his passport in Japan.
RYAN: There's that, and more recently than that Ryan Kienle almost losing his passport on the Sea France ferry. There was also Aaron [drums] losing his passport in France.

So you're a bit of a clumsy band?
ANDREW: We have this thing that I call the bad luck machine. It's got it out for us, we get nailed with it a lot.

Last time you threatened someone or felt threatened?
RYAN: I haven't felt threatened in a while. I mean, I roll around with 10 other guys so a whole soccer team would have to show up for me to feel threatened.
ANDREW: Last time we felt threatened we got into a fight in Montana and we beat the crap out of some kids
RYAN: We were at a truck stop and these guys were talking to us. Then they were, like, 'Hey, let's have a dance off.'
ANDREW: Then they started disrespecting a load of people. They were dancing up on this girl right in front of her boyfriend and it was just super uncomfortable. They were completely wasted and high on some kind of drug and they were just hassling everybody. Little did they know that there were a ton of us in a bus right next to place. I went and made a phone call as soon as they started talking sh*t and threw a punch. That's when it just went into an entire fight, right outside the gas station. It was extinguished pretty quick because they were so wasted. There was no backing up, though. You could have beaten them 'til they were dead so we eventually just walked away from it.

Weirdest phone call you've ever received?
ANDREW: I get weird prank calls from kids who end up getting my number somehow. I had one once that was just insane. This girl called me, telling me that something was wrong with her and that she had blood all over her. I freaked out but she was obviously bullsh*ting.

What would really shock us about you?
ANDREW: I don't really think we're that shocking
RYAN: I think the only thing that shocks people... nah, that doesn't even shock anyone 'cos everyone knows we're stoners.

So you're not secret Britney fans then?
ANDREW: No, but I like that Kelly Clarkson song. Maybe we should be more shocking, and that's our downfall.

If you could have an event from your past on video so you could watch it back whenever you want, would event would it be?
RYAN: Oh, man, the day I started a riot at the Midhudson Civic Centre. I was playing hockey and sadly enough one of the kids that was on my team, Nick, his older sister died of an epileptic seizure her first weekend at college. Nick scored a goal and some kid said, 'Why don't you shut up before I put you where your sister is.' That was it. We started fighting the hell out of the kid in centre ice which turned into his mother in the crowd saying, 'Someone get that animal off of my kid'. Then my mum stood up and was, like, 'That animal is my son'. Then the entire crowd clashed and it turned into a 22-player brawl on the ice. It was epic and my mum's no longer allowed at the Midhudson Civic Centre as long as she lives. Her picture is still on the wall saying do not let her in.

Bet you were proud of your mum.
RYAN: Hell, yeah. My mum's a brawler.