Matchbook Romance is interviewed by

Hot Topic: When you guys formed in 2001, as The Getaway, you went to the Internet to create a buzz. What kind of material did you use to achieve your goals?

Matchbook Romance: We used anything and everything to get ahold of peoples' attention. We knew that if we had a great looking site, kids would take us even more seriously. We promoted ourselves in just about every band's message board or guest book.

Hot Topic: Epitaph records called you "Confessed Computer Geeks." Did you guys loose a bet?

Matchbook Romance: No, a couple of us went to college for computer science.

Hot Topic: When Brett Gurewitz discovered your MP3 on the Internet and gave you "an offer you couldn't refuse," how did it feel, since Brett is one of the main contributors to the punk scene?

Matchbook Romance: I thought the e-mail was a joke. Needless to say, it wasn't!

Hot Topic: Now that you're on a label with every badass punk band imaginable, did you ever have any of these bands as inspirations growing up?

Matchbook Romance: Sure! NOFX, Rancid, Refused and Bad Religion, to name a few.

Hot Topic: Who are your favorite bands to do shows with?

Matchbook Romance: The Ataris, Maxeen, Yellowcard and a million more! We get along great with other bands, so we always manage to make it go off.

Hot Topic: If you were trapped on a deserted island with only three CDs to jam out to, which one's would you choose?

Matchbook Romance: Hmm...I'd need any Beatles CD, "The Ugly Organ" from Cursive, and "Parachutes" from Coldplay.

Hot Topic: Are there any experiences from the road that you can share, usually an embarrassing one?

Matchbook Romance: Our drummer was breaking down his stuff in front of the girl's bathroom, and some girl, who was rushing into the stall, couldn't hold it on anymore and peed all over his arm. She didn't even say sorry! Ha ha ha!

Hot Topic: So, you're back on the Warped Tour. Wasn't the Warped Tour your first major tour? Does this festival give you more of a chance to mingle with your fans compared to a nightly show with three or five bands?

Matchbook Romance: Yes, it was our first major tour. Ah, we mingle anyway, but now we'll have more time!

Hot Topic: When on stage, what do you wear to perform like a champ: wristbands, hats, pants, shorts?

Matchbook Romance: Whatever we want, I think Judas and Aaron rock the wristbands, but other than that, we're firm believers of walking on stage and rocking it!

Hot Topic: What's the next move for Matchbook Romance, other than touring endlessly?

Matchbook Romance: To write another great album!