Matchbook Romance explain absence from SLC Warped show

Our Apologies, But They Got What Was Coming To Them...

Hey guys, I just wanted to come on here and apologize on behalf of the band for missing the Salt Lake City show. Unfortunatly, our trip out there was interrupted by a group of local Montana boys that , unknowingly, were kicked out of Warped Tour for obvious reasons. I don't know how, but later that night we ended up running into them at a local gas station outside of Bozeman on a usual stop for food which eventually broke out into a fist fight in the parking lot. Only after constant disrespect for our band our crew, Warped Tour, and even the locals in the store, we fought. Fortunatly no one was badly hurt. There was only a bruised rib, and a bump on the head of one of our crew guys that was required by the police to get checked out in a hospital. We didn't throw the first punch, and even if we had it probably would've still been justified.

I just wanted to come on here and apologize. We had been looking forward to that show for awhile. Everytime we take the stage in SLC, the kids just take over and show us nothing but love. We're sorry we missed it, but I'm happy to report that finally the assholes that you and I both know got what was coming to them. Thank you for all your understanding and support, especially our family at Warped Tour.

All our love,