Mark from The Unseen reports from the road!

April 21, 2005 - Update - By Mark

Hey, well we got a few more weeks left on the Tiger Army tour. The tour has been a fuckin blast, after the tour we go home for 6 weeks to rest before the Warped Tour. "State of Discontent" will be released May 10th, look for a ton of interviews during the month of May and June, details will be posted soon. Also the "Scream Out" video will be up on the Epitaph, Hellcat, and Unseen site very soon. We just got the final edit yesterday it looks great. We will be doing Warped Tour from June 17 to July 18 if we are not hitting your town on warped please don't email and ask us to. We take what they gave us and those are the dates they are allowing us to play. We will be doing a full us tour in Sept. or Oct. supporting the "State of Discontent" album, other bands will be along with us but will not be named until at least June.

Look for new songs soon on the following:

Punks Unite: Volume 3
Warped Comp
Punk-O-Rama 10
Amp Comp
and a ton more.

That's all I can think of now I'm drunk and tired.


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