Aiming to highlight the lighter and darker aspects of their multifaceted sound, prolific Orlando fivesome Magnolia Park have released two new EP’s to their blooming discography today, MoonEater and SoulEater. Known for their unique blend of hip-hop, hard rock, pop-punk and alt-pop, these two EPs showcase their love of experimentation, marking their growth as a band and as individual musicians. While MoonEater’s soaring lead single “Breathing” leaned towards the heavy, today they share the production video for “Blud Luv”: a synth-laden alternative dance track lifted from the SoulEater EP. Seeing keyboardist Vince Ernst step into vocal duties alongside Joshua Roberts, the surreal visual finds the band transformed into creatures of the night. The band explains:

"We wrote Blud Luv in a hotel room on the A Day To Remember tour. At first it was a basic Pop Punk style song, but when we brought it in the studio, Decode made a house beat to the vocals and it became a Party Anthem. A lot of inspiration came from Fred again.. and the house music scene." Check it out below:


“Blud Luv” Music Video: WATCH

SoulEater EP: LISTEN     

MoonEater EP: LISTEN


Magnolia Park’s debut album Baku’s Revenge (2022) “proved they are much more than just a “TikTok band,” according to Ones To Watch. With songs as thought-provoking as they are accessible, the members’ lived experiences are present in every second of each track. Since the album release, the guys have gone on to share a few standalone singles that highlight their penchant for catchy melodies and massive guitar hooks, propelling them to 7 Million monthly catalog streams. Constantly pushing the limits as they develop and refine their craft, the MoonEater and SoulEater EPs are their way of showcasing the duality that exists within themselves.

Setting the tone for a dark and ethereal soundscape, the MoonEater EP highlights metalcore influences via crushing breakdowns and washes of highly distorted guitars, yet also draws from trap production and alt-rap fundamentals. The project includes their hit single “Do Or Die”, a self-described “hybrid version of Phonk and rock” featuring aggressive vocals from rapper Ethan Ross. Another single “Homicide” makes an appearance boasting massive arena-rock sonics.

For SoulEater the band wanted to establish a brighter mood with fun, uplifting lyrics and catchy hooks as they look to their pop influences. Employing textural alt-pop production and dreamy synth soundscapes they present a modern update to the classic 2000’s pop-punk bands they grew up on. With playful energy and youthful angst, the music video for “Manic” pays homage to Blink 182, reimagining the trio’s energetic riffs and catchy hooks.

It’s no secret that Epitaph Records has been the breeding ground for some of the most legendary punk acts in existence, and Magnolia Park is poised to carry on in that tradition. The Orlando natives officially formed in 2019, building momentum independently through their creative use of social media and connecting with a core audience of over 700K followers and 63M views on Tik-Tok. Consisting of majority Black and Latino musicians, the band is on a mission to spread inclusivity and decrease the probability of racial backlash for other people of color in the rock space. Guitarist Tristan Torres shares his hopes that their existence can make a difference and “prevent the next generation of rock bands from going through what we’ve been through.”