Left Alone are interviewed by Your Music Magazine!

Left Alone Interview
Your Music Magazine - May 2005
Interview with Elvis

Miss Foxxx: What's up Elvis, how's it going dude?
Elvis: Really good! We were in a Transplants video yesterday!
M F: Rad! How the hell did you get that gig?
Elvis: Well, it's a trip, Tim called us yesterday morning @ like 10 am & asked us if we would be down to come to L.A. & be in it.
M F: Lucky! What was that like?
Elvis: It was really cool, eh? It was like five or six punk rockers, some Samoans & a bunch of hoochies.
M F: Oooh hoochies. Fuck yeah! That's radikal! Hoochies rule!
Elvis: Yeah, it was really a cool experience; you know it's such a huge trip being on Hellcat . . . so many things are happening for us!
M F: Yeah, I was listening to Lonely Stars & Broken Hearts. You guys really stepped your game up on this one!
Elvis: Ha, yeah it's definitely our best record to date! It's got a really good vibe that you . . . it's something we're really proud of.
M F: Yeah, I'm feeling it dude, but what's up with all the sad love songs?
Elvis: You know to be honest it's not intentional eh? It's like when I write songs it just comes to me, it's automatic.
M F: That's cool. Dude I was reading that you have your own record label and your own clothing line! Gnarly! You represent D.I.Y. to the fullest!
Elvis: Yeah that's what we're all about, about ya know, we like to be able to put out our friends' shit and be self-sufficient. We originally started the SMLLNIS RECORDS to put out our shit. Hey, I also had a club!
M F: Oh what! Where?
Elvis: It was in our hometown of Wilmington. It was really cool, we rented this gym from this old guy for like $20.00 bucks a night! We had it for like four years!
M F: Ha, that sounds sikk! Wish I could of checked that shit out! Did you have any shredding bands play up in there?
Elvis: Yeah, we had Jimmy Eat World, MCD & Locust. We had all sorts of bands come through! It was like a Wilmington Gillman St. We called it the PCH Club 'cause it was to the right of the Pacific Coast Highway.
M F: So are you the Mexican in the band?
Elvis: Mmm, actually we're all Mexican.
M F: Sweet! I'm a half-breed. I like that you sing in English and Spanish!
Elvis: Yeah we've toured a lot in L.A. and when we sang the songs in Spanish it really blew up! The kids would go crazy!
M F: Yeah that's cool. . . so dude, are you super amped to be on Hellcat Records?
Elvis: Oh my god you don't even know! It's a dream come true! My god, it took 10 years! When we first started playing all I wanted was to be on Epitaph Records!! We grew up on bands like Rancid, Operation Ivy and Bad Religion! So for us to actually be cool with all our heroes and get respect from the label is truly amazing! It's a trip to be treated like an artist.
M F: Odelay! Word on the street is you guys are representing as the BBQ band at the Warped Tour this year!
Elvis: Yeah, we love being the BBQ band. I really think it's like the best position to be in at the Warped Tour. I mean it's crazy . . . you're cooking for a ton of people and most of them are drunk or high or both, ha!
M F: I bet you can grill a mean carne asada!
Elvis: Yeah, but the white boys call it steak.
M F: Dude, you guys are touring machines!! What tour has been your favorite?
Elivis: Definitely the Warped Tour! I mean, what more could you ask for. It's like a huge party with all your close friends and it's really a good way to get recognized. I've made so many friends and met so many cool bands! I'm really excited and happy to be fortunate enough to play on it again this year! We're all really excited and looking forward to it! We come from nothing, so the fact that we have a new album and were on a great record label is really just a trip!
M F: Fuck yeah dude!! Well I'm looking forward to seeing you guys play!
Elvis: Yeah, just follow your nose to the BBQ!
M F: Cool, thanks for chatting with me!