LA Weekly gets ready for upcoming Turbonegro shows.

Turbonegro at House of Blues.
Turbonegro are just a simple little band of purportedly homosexual dark-metal musicians from Norway who like to slather on garish glam-horror face paint and don sailors' uniforms, and who happen to have a curious obsession with denim ("Back to Dungaree High") and an extreme butt fixation ("Rendezvous With Anus," "Rock Against Ass," plus the entire Ass Cobra LP, not to mention lead singer Hank von Helvete's predilection for shoving blazing fireworks up his derriere). Are they merely a joke? Well, their career-spanning documentary, Turbonegro: The Movie, is consistently funnier (and harder rocking) than This Is Spinal Tap, but the band also exude a non-ironic sense of danger and morbid power on their latest album, Scandinavian Leather (Epitaph), which, with blasts like "Sell Your Body (To the Night)" and "Turbonegro Must Be Destroyed," is much grimmer than their absurdist classic, Apocalypse Dudes. Clever lyrics and anal pyrotechnics aside, Turbonegro are one of those rare pure-hard-rock bands, like AC/DC and Motorhead, who appeal to punks and non-metallers alike. Also Mon.

By Falling James
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