KERRANG reviews F-Minus' "Wake Up Screaming"

Sharing your name with the 'South Park' collaboration song between Isaac Hayes and Rancid is a fairly good claim to fame by most people's standards. F Minus frontman Brad Logan has gone the extra mile and chosen to concoct speaker-charring subterranean hardcore as his day job.

In sonic terms, 'Wake Up Screaming' pretty much picks up where 2001's excellent 'Suburban Blight' left off. Granted, there's no 'Property Damage', but Steve Albini's production ensures the goods are still delivered with maximum velocity, preserving the rougher edges of Logan and guitarist Erika Daking's vocal duelling-cum-glass gargling competitions in particular. Running through bile, loathing and disillusion like Blink 182 do fart gags and stale teenage angst, this is one is for people who like their punk, well, punk.