Ken Casey updates us on the new Dropkick album, "Blackout"

Ken Casey updated the Dropkick Murphys news page with information on everything that the band has been up to and what's going on with the new album. As everyone knows "Blackout" will be out on June 10th in the U.S. and June 9th everywhere else.

But, what we didn't know is that they will also be releasing a limited edition 10" vinyl picture disk coming out a few weeks earlier! The picture disk will feature 5 songs off of "Blackout" and a previously unreleased cover of AC/DC's "It's A Long Way To The Top" (If Ya Wanna Rock n' Roll)!

The regular "Blackout" CD will also come with a bonus DVD containing the following video pieces: "Rocky Road to Dublin" (Live), "Boys on the Docks" (Live), "Gonna be a Blackout Tonight" (Music Video), and a trailer for the upcoming full-length DKM DVD!

Here is the entire "Blackout" track list:

1. Walk Away
2. Worker's Song
3. The Outcast
4. Black Velvet Band
5. Gonna Be A Blackout Tonight
6. World Full Of Hate
7. Buried Alive
8. The Dirty Glass
9. Fields Of Athenry
10. Bastards On Parade
11. As One
12. This Is Your Life
13. Time To Go
14. Kiss Me I'm Shitfaced

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