Jim Lindberg speaks out on the California Recall Election

I'm totally against the recall. The recall is financed by the same small group of wealthy conservatives who supported deregulation of the energy industry which was designed to create new profit areas for energy corporations and was responsible for the rolling blackouts last year. For the last few years, our state, like the rest of the planet is suffering through a recession. Governor Davis, although he has made some misjudgments, should be allowed to serve out his term and continue working to turn our economy around. When president Clinton was in office he was crippled by republican attempts to remove him from office. It's wrong that a member of political office should have to waste valuable time, energy, resources, and our tax dollars (The election, regardless of outcome, will cost the state's taxpayers a projected $67 million, at a time when important programs are being axed because of budget shortfalls), defending against sore losers trying to taking him out of his duly elected position. Another sad state of affairs is that inexperienced, glory starved celebrities are gaining support over candidates with the proper credentials to hold public office and could be elected our next governor with only 15% of the already low projected turnout. Don't let the planet's fifth largest economy be turned into a circus. Vote no on the Recall!

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