Jim from Pennywise talks about a "typical day" on the Warped Tour

Here's a typical day at the Warped Tour. You wake up and you're in a different city somewhere in America or Canada. You ask one of your band members if they've found a port-a-potty or nearby restroom so you can evacuate last night's barbecue. You wander around aimlessly for a while thinking how funny it is to be seeing all these band guys also wandering around aimlessly, brushing their teeth and looking beat up. About this time the first band fires up, even though your still in a fog, you go and watch a few local bands and say hello to everyone you've seen everyday for the last month. You realize you're in the movie "Groundhog Day" and you are Bill Murray. You get some lunch at catering and begin to feel normal again. You go over and watch the guys on the half-pipe or motocross jump. You watch a few more bands. You realize you are supposed to be playing yourself on a different stage but you don't know where that is but you make it there just in time. You play the show and have a great time and watch thousands of people crowd surf and stage dive and generally imperil their lives and throw shoes at you. When you're done you recover for a while, watch a few more bands, head over to the barbecue and then go to bed. Return to the top of the page for tomorrow's itinerary.


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