JAMM interviews Justin and Josh of Motion City Soundtrack.

Interview with Justin & Josh of MCS by Jessica of Just Another Music Magazine.

JAMM: How did the band meet/ get together?

Justin: Man, we all met at Chuckee Cheese for Josh's 13th Birthday.

Josh: That was a ridiculous one, he is the ridiculous one.

Justin: Just kidding it was his 23rd birthday.

Justin: Um, how did we meet? I don't know man. I think Josh picked me up at some...no, he had met me at a video store and said... Ok I don't even know where to begin.

Josh: haha. This is going really well.

Justin: Yeah I don't really know. Um let me think for a second...Josh contacted me. I met him because we both went to different high schools, but we were in band. Crappy bands that played with each other all over Minneapolis, like Duluth and St. Paul. After giving up on music after the band that I was in; Josh found me at some video update I was working at. You know six movie rentals a day, something like that. But that wasn't important. See I'm really bad at this cause it takes forever to get to the point. Then he said something about that he wanted to play in a band with me and I was like ok, so we did and that didn't work. Then over the course of the next 7 years we ended up being this band. How's that? Is that good?

Josh: And everyone else is a long-winded story. We stole them from Richmond.

Justin: Tony and Matt resided from Richmond, they were in a different band and we met them on tour under the moniker of Motion City Soundtrack, but the music was a lot worse than it is now. Not that the music we play now is bad, but it's not great it's not amazing, but it's not terrible either. I don't know I'm getting confused. Sorry.


Justin: Did we even answer that?

JAMM: Kind of.

JAMM: Where did the name Motion City Soundtrack come from?

Justin: Josh you get this one.

Josh: My brother made it up. I asked him if I could use it for my band, he had made it up for something else. I was like that's a cool name came I steal that and he was like yeah I guess.

Justin: His brothers really into leather. He was going to do this whole like leather upholstery thing, called Motion City Soundtrack but...

Josh: (laughing) Leather upholstery...

Justin: Isn't that what it was?

Josh: No.

Justin: Oh sorry never mind. That's why I don't answer questions; I don't really know the answers nor have any.

JAMM: Ok. You have a new CD that is highly anticipated for 2005...

Justin: Is it really?

JAMM: According to AP magazine...

Josh: They lie.

JAMM: What do u have to say about the new CD that's supposed to come out in spring?

Justin: I hope that somebody listens to it. That some people like it or hate it. I think any reactions better than no reaction, but preferably I would hope that they like it.

Josh: It's going to come out in June.

Justin: I thought it was July.

Josh: I think it's in June, if it was July that would suck.

Justin: Yeah that would suck. July's not my favorite month, but that's a long story we won't get into that.

JAMM: Would you say your sound has changed a lot since you started the band?

Justin: OMG YES! But at the same time no. Not at all, I would say yes and no.

JAMM: What would you say your old sound sounded like?

Justin: Sloppier, but now with the magic of pro tools, things are a lot cleaner.

JAMM: If you could describe your music to anyone who hasn't heard you before. What would you describe it as?

Justin: One word AWESOME!

Josh: Fun-tastic!

Justin: I don't know I would say awesome probably. I don't know that's like really cocky. It's for the young, it's for the old. I don't know it's a really hard question to ask. You should ask someone else that question...Tony!

Tony: Huh?

Justin: You want answer a question?

Tony: Well what was the question?

Justin: How would you describe our music?

JAMM: To some one who hasn't heard you before.

Tony: Um...Audio dump!

Josh: haha.

Justin: We defecated your ear holes. Thanks...yuck...ah that's gross.

Josh: That's really gross.

JAMM: Ok the epitaph tour is coming up do u have any expectations for that tour?

Justin: Expectations man, I just hope I don't lose my voice is one. Is that an expectation?

Josh: Yeah.

Justin: I going to try some new flavor saving techniques this January on how to not lose my voice. Cause I tend to do that a lot, I think I scream to loud. I hope more people come out, cause I think the bands are going to be a little different. Some of them are really "screamy" and crazy and some of them are...not. So hopefully that means some people who haven't heard us will hear us and some people who like us will come see us and like some the other bands.

JAMM: Many bands produce DVD's...

Justin: We have like 8 films under our belts.

JAMM: Anything being produced or coming out soon?

Justin: Produced. No, these films are kind of amateurish. Josh isn't really helping in this interview.

Josh: Oh.

Justin: What DVDs have you purchased lately?

Josh: Uh I don't know.

JAMM: Not purchased, haha!

Josh: Oh

Justin: You weren't paying attention.

Josh: Not at all. What was the question?

JAMM: The question was...

Justin: Do we have any DVDs coming out?

Josh: No.

JAMM: Any plans to have one come out?

Josh: Hopefully.

Justin: We have a lot of awesome footage.

Josh: We have to get him to actually work on it, not just say he's going to work on it.

Justin: No dude, I went through all our England stuff with the rejects and Limbeck and it's all categorized and ready.

Josh: Well let's start working on it. Let's dive in to that shit.

Justin: All right bitch, let's dive into that shit.

JAMM: Ok you guys played warped tour this last summer...

Justin: It is TRUE!

JAMM: Are you planning on being on it this year?

Justin: I hope so if they let us that would be awesome.

Josh: We'd like to.

JAMM: Did you play the year before?

Josh: Um not as much.

JAMM: Then you'll probably be able to cause I heard that there was this 2 year thing.

Josh: Yeah if you do more than half or more for 2 years in a row you're not allowed to be on it.

JAMM: Ok now we have 5 random questions.

Justin: 5 random question's all right!

JAMM: What would you do with a million dollars?

Justin: I'd probably spend it.

JAMM: On what?

Justin: Oh man DVD's!

Josh: Man-DVD's?

Justin: DVD's and racehorses. I'm a big fan of racehorses. Probably hire a personal trainer so I could get in shape. I have asthma, I'm lazy and I eat too much crap food.

JAMM: If you could write a riddle to put on a Popsicle stick what would it say?

Justin: A riddle?

JAMM: Yeah.

Justin: I have to come up with a riddle like that! Um...What's 20% French and 100% stupid?

JAMM: I don't know.

Justin: Motion City Soundtrack! Ohhhhh shit!

JAMM: haha.

Justin: Sorry that sucks. Um...

JAMM: Do u want to come back to that?

Justin: Um yeah let's come back to that like late-never!

JAMM: If you could listen to one CD for the rest of your life. What would it be and why?

Justin: Etta James, cause she rocks man. Etta James has got soul.

Josh: A mix CD of all my favorite songs.

Justin: Ohhh snap! That would be a good answer. Does it have to be one album?

JAMM: Yeah.

Justin: Oh no! Um...I'm just gonna...uh...The Pixies "Doolittle." I may have to go with that.

JAMM: What's yours? (Talking to Josh)

Josh: I don't know sorry.

Justin: He's not very good at fielding questions, just giving me shit about my answers.

Josh: Yeah that's my job.

JAMM: If you were stranded on a deserted island. What 3 things would you bring with you and why?

Josh: A glass of water, a shotgun and...

Justin: Wow! Um...you know what I think I'd bring a bobby pin, some C4 aaaaaand a hang-glider. You want to know why?

JAMM: Yeah!

Justin: Cause with that shit I would make something to enable me to escape the island, like fucking McGuyver biggitee bam.

JAMM: haha.

Justin: Yeah. Now that's something that would help me figure out the case. I don't know I'm sorry. I'm not drunk, I'm really just, I'm out of my miiiiiiind! (Singing) I like New York in June. How 'bout you? I like a gerchwin tune how 'bout youuuu?

JAMM: Did u want to come back to the riddle?

Justin: Nooooo! I'm really bad at riddles. Just put down a Mitch Hedberg quote.

Josh: "That trees very far away."

Justin: Yeah "that trees very far away."

JAMM: Ok and the last question. Who's Betty?

Justin: Oh man...Betty's bad news. Haha! Can I say I don't know? But I kind of do, its hard, it's like a multi-layered answer.

JAMM: Cause a lot of people ask that question.

Justin: Ask you that question?

JAMM: No. You ask anyone what they would ask MCS and they say, "Who's Betty?"

Justin: I would say it's more of an amalgamation of certain types of people. Or I mean there was one person I sort of based it on, I don't know. That song in general was kind of like, it was more about. Wow this is like a serious part of the interview. I was going to try and explain I don't know I'm really bad at trying to explain things cause I think on one level some people, like your idea, might be ten times better than mine and then I'll look like a dumbest because I'll just say its about pizza, you know. Not that my answer is the answer, cause I think other people could have there own.

JAMM: So it's kind of about many things?

Justin: Yeah, I mean it's about a lot of things. Mostly to me it's about understanding, feeling old and growing up. Being like what's this new technology, like back when I was a kid...

Josh: That's not who Betty is!

Justin: I'm talking about the song man, you weren't listening.

Josh: He's being a politician now, he's escaping the question.

JAMM: Any last words?

Justin: Um yes! Last words... I love Josh Cain more than I love anyone.

JAMM: Aww...

Justin: Oh and I mean it.

Josh: haha!

Justin: I mean ever word of it.

I would like to thank Justin and Josh from MCS for taking time to do this interview with me.

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