Interview with Motion City Soundtrack's Josh on the Epitaph Tour.

How's the band, tour and what's new?

Josh-The band is great. The tour is great. Its awesome to be out with all the Epitaph bands. We have a new record coming out June 7th called "Commit this to Memory"

Tell me about the new album?

Josh-It was produced by Mark Hoppus. There's not really a running them but its more like a long story.

What makes this tour diff rent then any of the other tours you have been on?

Josh-Well its the first time out with all the Epitaph bands. Its cool have all the bands on the same tour.

Currently what CD's are you rocking?

Josh-Death Cab for Cutie-Translanticisim. And a new band out of Chicago called This is Me Smiling and Sean O' Keefe is the drummer in that band. He produced some of your favorite bands Cd's.

Plans for 2005?

Josh-Busy year. We are doing at least half of Warped Tour. Going to Europe. Then in the fall doing a big headlining giant, cool tour.

What influences the band?

Josh-Justin writes all the songs and I know he is inspired by books and movies. Early 90's rock bands like Pixies, Fugazi, Nirvana, Ben Folds Five, Superchunk.

What got you into playing music?

Josh-Well I got a job on the set of the Mighty Ducks movie and that's how I got the money to buy my first bass. I was told I really sucked at it and had no future in it. Then I just picked up guitar. Now look at me.

How do you feel about the "Scene"?

Josh-It's really rad. I grew up during the early 90's boom of good music and I think we are on the verge of another music boom like that.

What's your favorite thing and least favorite thing about touring?

Josh-Fav. being on the road, playing in front of people. Least would be being away from friends, family and my cats.

Tell me about the split Ep you did with Matchbook Romance?

Josh-Someone had the idea that since both bands weren't coming out with new records to pick some songs, do them acoustic. We recorded it a house. It was just a really good little EP.

Favorite movie of all time?

Josh-City of Lost Children.

What would you like to achieve by being in a band?

Josh-Most of my goals have all ready been achieved.

How do you pass time on tour?

Josh-X-box, Halo. Listening to mix's of the new album.

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