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On the second day of their tour with The Explosion, Death By Stereo played at Bottom of the Hill in SF. For the first time I had help with an interview. My friend Alex, from the well known hardcore band LOVE HOPE AND FEAR, helped with the actual interview. The interview topics were indeed interesting (to say the least) ranging from the tour and their fans, to crotch dusting (read on). Efrem was completely entertaining the entire time.

Alex: So, you guys just starting recording, how was it recording with a brand
new member?

Efrem: His name is Tyler, Tyler fucking rules. He blows our minds everyday.

Alex: I saw pics of him online, he has long hair, even longer than mine, straight up
metal dude?

Efrem: He's a metal fucking dude, everything sounds different, its awesome.

Lidia: Do you think his addition to the band will effect the way the music sounds in
the future?

Efrem: Yeah we JUST finished recording this week, and its awesome.

Alex: How's the tour?

Efrem: Well yesterday was the first day, so its awesome.

Lidia: So, how's the crowd changed from previous tour, to what you saw yesterday and
are seeing today?

Efrem: From previous tours to today its just different faces over the years. A lot
of the kids that were coming to our shows like two years ago, today aren't, but
there is always new people. Even though every once in a while, you get a familiar
face, so its like " hey! What's up?!"

Alex: Do you get a lot of weird fans, like fans you wouldn't expect to like your music, I.E. Good Charlotte fans?

Efrem: We get people we don't expect and its kind of cool, I dig it. I just want to
play in front of as many people as I possibly can.

Lidia: So the crowd's faces get younger with every tour?

Efrem: Yeah, they're getting much younger. But I dig that, I like new people, like I
said I just want to play for as many people, and many new people. It would be insane
to play for the same people every year, eventually I would just be preaching to the
fucking choir.

Alex : So in all your tours, what's been one of the most unforgettable moments ?

Efrem: Most unforgettable.. Hmm... That's a tough question?

Lidia: You can't even remember one, so maybe there weren't that many.


Efrem: Yeah its like, whoa! I'm put on the stop, so hmm...

Alex: Yeah any two story dives into the crowd stuff like that?

( Tyler walks by...)

Efrem: That's Tyler! Hi Tyler!

Tyler: HI!

Efrem: See, totally metal dude.

Tyler: Hi, have we met before?

Efrem: Ooh yeah we've met before in a bathhouse, in China.

Tyler: Oh yeah , I remember your touch.

Efrem: Ok. I must focus

Tyler: Can this be part of the interview!

Efrem: Sure we're free styling.

Efrem: So, unforgettable moments, we'll we've had like not very any exciting jumps,
just little ones. But I do have an unforgettable moment that just happened to me. I
got really fucking trashed the other day, and I woke up with TOTALLY NUTS tattooed
on my arm.

(raises sleeve)

Alex: And I was just about to ask about the best DBS tatt you've seen.

Efrem: DUDE! Not so much a tat but there was this guy that branded the skull and
bolts to the back of his leg. He had to like cut it and then I seen one guy with
that on his head. Then this one cat in LA has the weirdest, because it's a tattoo of
all of us on his arm.

Alex and Lidia : CREEPY

Alex: Is it done well though?

Efrem: Yeah totally creepy and yeah it is, I can totally tell.. I was all whoa!
that's me, and that's tito... whoa cool.

Lidia: How does that feel though, to actually see your logo or your face for that
matter tattooed on someone?

Efrem: I hope that I never make a record that will dissapoint them, or make them
hate me or bums them out. I hope you love our next record dude!! Hah. No, absolutely
blown away, I don't even know what to say other than "fuck" and "that's awesome".

Alex: So, going back to the record, how was the crowd's reaction to the new material
you played?

Efrem: Absolutely awesome, we played four last night, and they went off, and we'll
play four today.

Alex: If you had to describe the new material in four, maybe five words, what would
they be.

Efrem : Dark, heavy , fast, pissed.

Alex: good, that's what we want to hear.

Lidia: So politics. Do you want to say anything about the state that the country is in
right now?

Efrem: yeah our country is fucked. Hopefully all this will do will fuel the fire now, make people want to be heard.

(AT this time, I'm overwhelmed by the amount of energy this guy has)

Lidia: You know, you're very energetic, is it just because the tour just started or
are you like this all the time?

Efrem: No, never, I am always like this. My brain is just changing channels all day.

( tito walks by)

Efrem : HI TITO!!

Alex: So you cut your hawk, how's that working?

Efrem: Yeah, I cut it. It was too fucking long, I cut it then I had this weird thing
going, it was so weird I had long things then I cut that, and I just got bored, so I
cut it again. Now I'm stuck with all this hair, and I don't know what to do.

Lidia: So it's the beginning of the year, where are you hoping this year takes you?

Efrem: New places. We have a new record, it will be out end of April, so I just want
to get it to as many people as we can. Maybe get to South America.

Alex: So, back to music, are you excited to be on the same label as Converge?

Efrem: Yeah its fucking cool. Such good dudes. They're record is great..

Alex: Dude have you heard of a band called Crotch Dusters?

Efrem: Wow, that's the funniest shit in the world.

Alex: I have it in my car, i'll show you later, you can listen to it. The guy is so weird, the music is insane.

Efrem: Hey Tyler, have you ever heard of Crotch Dusters?

Tyler: Yeah I'm in that band.

Efrem : I love crotches, I've dusted a couple in my time.

Lidia: Ok, so let's wrap this up. Anything you want to say to finish it?

Efrem : HI! Yeah, I love your tape recorder.

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