Indie rockers the Weakerthans head to the studio

Acclaimed Rock Act to Record New Album to Debut In Fall 2007 Canadian rockers The Weakerthans have returned to the studio to record their fourth album, which will debut this fall from Anti-/Epitaph Records. For the group's latest effort they've sought out the quiet, tranquil surroundings of Winnipeg, Canada where they will spend the next several weeks recording before heading to Toronto to finish the record. Surrounded by slaughterhouses, industrial sites and sub-degree temperatures, The Weakerthans will hash out over five years worth of material they have written for the follow-up to 2003's critically acclaimed album, Reconstruction Site, which has been hailed as witty and intelligent collection of indie power pop (Performing Songwriter).

Combining the best that punk, rock, alt-country and folk have to offer with distinct vocals and poetic lyrics, The Weakerthans music has been described as rich in detailed craftsmanship, with plenty of unsettling textures, daring experiments and recurring lyrical and melodic imagery (Toronto Sun). The band's forthcoming album will be no different. Assuming the reigns as producer again, Ian Blurton is working with the band to refine the assortment of songs for the new album.

This record is looking a little less conceptual and more like a collection of songs and stories, explains guitarist Stephen Carroll. Having brought Ian in to help complete the record has been great. As we had been staring at most of the songs for so long that it was hard for us to see their potential. Since we decided to record the album we have gained a lot of momentum and the fragmented parts are really coming together well. And we are all very excited about the record.

Drawing on their inspirations from art and culture as well as their diverse musical pasts, Canada's bona-fide rock and roll poet laureates (Playboy) continue to produce thought provoking music that lives and breathes passionately (No Depression).