Ikara Colt's new album scores another great review!

Featuring one of the coolest cd inserts in the history of rock, Ikara Colt has with the help of Epitaph put out an album sure to be classified at a breakthrough. Formed in London after meeting in art school, these guys have a tight yet complex sound similar to acts making a name for themselves like The Hives, The Vines, and The [International] Noise Conspiracy. Now's the time to have a sound like that, and Ikara Colt does it with their own unique twist on things which will be evident once you give it a listen. "Chat and Business" has gotten rave reviews overseas and I won't be suprised if the same thing happens in the States. 45 minutes of punk rock geniusness is not something you find in every release, but it's something that Epitaph seems to be doing very well lately. These guys get my recommendation to all fans of punk rock and music in general. What are you waiting for? It even comes with a set of stickers you can plaster on the cd cover!


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