Ikara Colt's live show is praised by The Toronto Star!

The Toronto Star review of Ikara Colt show in Austin.

Ikara Colt, Antone's, Friday, 11 p.m.
Easily meeting and exceeding high expectations set by their seething debut, Chat And Business, these prickly young Brits justified the entire trip to Texas in a single, electrifying performance. The frenetic record promised a certain, blinding level of intensity, but Ikara Colt - three stylish indie boys and a fiendishly noisy girl guitarist - proved a real joy to watch, too, dispensing practiced poses and post-punk pummelling in equal measure and turning several hundred heat stricken SXSW refugees into giddy teenagers. Soft-spoken singer Paul Resende is a rock showman who has nicked the best moves from Mick Jagger and Iggy Pop. When Ikara Colt opens for Sahara Hotnights at the Horseshoe on April 3, you are strongly encouraged to be there.

Ben Rayner
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