Ikara Colt's "Chat And Business" is reviewed by Synthesis.net

Rock bands basically have two ways to get noticed by large audiences and find stardom: either do something just like everyone else only way better, or do something completely different and hope that people are smart enough to catch on. Hopefully, people are smart enough to catch on to Ikara Colt because they're doing something completely different; they're making indie punk rock that considers itself enough to find a neoteric approach to the execution of the music. Rather than predictable rhythms, whiney vocals and cookie-cutter guitar riffage, this British quartet employs enough songwriting and recognizable rock backbone to add construct and cohesion, then mixes in liberal doses of cacophonous guitar clash, flat-out sonic charges, neck-jerking changes and passages of breakdown and restructure that make Chat and Business an exciting and refreshing release, and a new personal favorite.

- Max Sidman

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