Ikara Colt's "Basic Instructions" EP is reviewed by Rollingstone.com

This British quartet is transmitting from another planet, where the angular punk of Sonic Youth, the Fall and 154-era Wire reign. Basic Instructions is a follow-up to Ikara Colt's jolting 2002 album Chat and Business. Chat was relentlessly tense, more draining than energizing over the long haul. This EP is not only less demanding, it's addicting. On "Basic Instructions," Claire Ingram's guitar needles us to attention while Paul Resende issues warnings and queries like small arms fire. Short shocks such as "Bring It to Me" resemble Blonde Redhead's most aggro and melodic no-wave moments, while electro beats make "may b 1 day #2" a candidate for a DJ's downtown set. "Don't They Know" rocks with a disco beat, bridging the gap between clubbers and hard-drinking art students while suggesting a trashy Echo and the Bunnymen. It's the catchiest thing here, and a hint that Ikara Colt could write MTV2 hits if they wanted to.

John Dugan
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