Ikara Colt live: "...the soundtrack to the end of the world"

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Ikara Colt - Friday, March 28, at El Torreon.

By Geoff Harkness

Following a long-standing English tradition, Ikara Colt formed when its members were art-school students and promulgated its youthful sonics by trawling the London pub circuit, converting fans one by one. By the time the quartet took over the side stages at major Euro festivals such as Glastonbury and Reading last year, it was already giving its raucous Swedish peers a run for their krona. Most of the accolades focused on the group's brash full-length debut, Chat and Business, which underscores everything the Colt has to offer: A vocalist with a been-there-done-that sneer that recalls Iggy Pop at his Stoogiest and a whip-smart band that's been known to incite riots with its frenetic, lager-fueled energy. In a live setting, these elements collide splendidly, creating what has been appropriately described as the soundtrack to the end of the world.