Striking an addictive balance of indie-pop playfulness and emo vulnerability, Los Angeles band HUNNY share their new single and accompanying music video, “89cc”. Ahead of their sophomore album Hunny’s New Planet Heaven out on October 6, “89cc” is a mellow mid-tempo rocker with heartfelt songwriting and a driving rhythm, complete by a lush saxophone solo.

Starring frontman Jason Yarger, the music video is a visual play on the viral meme that begs the question: “Would you still love me if I was a worm?”  A whimsical expression of devotion and unconditional love, despite his on-screen partner suddenly transforming into an insect their love never falters. Check it out below:



On the back of a shimmering blend of new-wave sheen, shoegaze gloom and angular guitar rock that is underwritten with cheeky, California cool sensibilities, the childhood friends that make up HUNNY racked up millions of streams on their self-released 2015 EP, leading to a deal with Epitaph Records. Even after dropping their Carlos De La Garza (Paramore, Best Coast) produced debut album (2021), another EP (2022) and a string of singles, the wide-eyed excitement and energy of those early years are all over Hunny’s New Planet Heaven.

The group’s second LP for Epitaph finds them tightening their social circle and distilling their art down to its purest form yet. While the pandemic kept the band apart physically, they were closer than ever on an artistic level, writing and demoing nearly 100 ideas for LP2 that eventually made their way to longtime friend and collaborator Derek Ted (of New Planet Heaven studio, begetting the album’s title). A testament to the band’s musical fluency and dedication to their craft, their sophomore effort balances the haze of hindsight with a sun-soaked SoCal summer.

On the verge of entering their second decade together, it’s clear HUNNY’s greatest asset is their disinterest in doing anything besides what moves them. It’s afforded them great range as a band, the ability to naturally shapeshift on their own albums as well as win over audiences across the entire rock spectrum. Most importantly, it’s propelled them to be unapologetically themselves and trust in what’s gotten them this far.