HUNNY Share New Session ‘Live at Paul’s’ Out Today Via Epitaph Records

HUNNY Share New Session ‘Live at Paul’s’ Out Today Via Epitaph Records

Step into your own personal house party with Los Angeles four-piece HUNNY as they unveil a new live recording session they've coined ‘Live at Paul's’, out today via Epitaph Records.  

Ahead of a 27-date run with Mom Jeans starting on March 1st, HUNNY offer up a stellar lineup of their best tunes as a savory appetizer for fans eagerly awaiting the band’s descent into cities across America.  

For this exclusive event, HUNNY headed to Sacramento’s Lo-Fire Studios to capture the live audio and video of beloved classics such as "Vowels (and The Importance of Being Me)" (2016) and "Televised" (2017). Paired alongside fresh renditions of songs from their latest album Hunny’s New Planet Heaven (2023, Epitaph), check out the full performance video and stream the tracks below! 

'Live At Paul’s'  


HUNNY made a name for themselves in early 2015 on a shimmering blend of new-wave sheen, shoegaze gloom and angular guitar rock. All underwritten with cheeky, California cool sensibilities, they’ve since released multiple EP’s and two albums totaling streaming numbers over 4 Million per month.  

Their sophomore effort, Hunny’s New Planet Heaven earned praise for being “another top-to-bottom win that leans more lo-fi and embraces a thoughtful array of classic California rock sounds” as stated by AltPress. Tapping into the wide-eyed excitement and energy of their early years, the band wanted to focus less on perfection and more on recapturing the unbreakable bond that colored early bedroom demos. 

On the verge of entering their second decade together, it’s clear HUNNY’s greatest asset is their disinterest in doing anything besides what moves them. It’s afforded them great range as a band, the ability to naturally shapeshift on their own albums as well as win over audiences across the entire rock spectrum. Most importantly, it’s propelled them to be unapologetically themselves and trust in what’s gotten them this far.