Hot Water Music's upcoming album is praised by the Aquarian Weekly!

"Caution" is due out on October 8th, yet the great reviews just keep on coming! Here's what the Aquarian Weekly had to say about it:

Energy is paramount in post-punk; that and the desire to have something to say. Hot Water Music have them both in spades, and from the fueled kick-off "Remedy"all the way to the charged ending "The End," Caution is a powerful and melodic tripthrough what the best of this shit is all about. The stop/start of "Sweet Disasters" rings as the most consistent track of the bunch, as its sing-along anger often gets tempered with sudden fills which briefly break up the passages.

A lot of the bands in their genre are pretty boring, as they don't have any of the desire or songwriting ability that HWM have. Each and every song on this record has something going on that separates it from its brothers yet makes sure the family sound stays in the forefront. That is what great records are all about. And I am sure that they are proud to
place this collection amongst the greatest this year has seen. Further proof that music doesn't suck - you just have to look for the good shit.

-Aquarian Weekly

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