Hot Water Music's upcoming album "Caution" gets a stellar review by

Hot Water Music - "Caution"

Seems only a few years ago that this solid Gainesville, Florida band was putting out amazing records on the No Idea label, but finding them was next to impossible. But thanks to Epitaph this once unheralded band is drawing huge crowds on the Warped Tour and continues to improve each and every time. Caution is a continuation of that rough, almost live sound many have grown
to love from these guys.

HWM have a knack for sounding just rugged enough on record to make you not only hear the energy, but you feel it as well. The songs come fast and furious and make this one their most consistent album in years. There's definitely more focus on this one, as if they are more relaxed than A Flight..., their previous work. And the maturity just continues to amaze as songs like "I Was A Mountain" and "The End" are easily some of the best songs I have heard in the genre this year. It's all here, the dual vocal attacks, the potent rhythm section and those guitars! I wonder why no one else can duplicate the tones heard on a HWM album, but I guess that's why no one stands up to them. A masterful release that you can finally find in

-Che Brooks

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