Hot Water Music's "Caution" is reviewed by NME

Hot Water Music
hardcore from the top drawer

Hot water Music are one of those heartwarming, if boring, sucess stories: a
band who've made it through sheer hard graft and just being pretty damn good. Never likely to show us new sonic dawn, their purpose is to remind you how invigorating half and hour of straight up punk rock can be in a world of poseurs, punchable twats and hollow marketing triumphs. The high pitched powerchordery of 'I was a mountain' understands melody like any rural-America drivetime classic. Otherwise 'Caution' sounds like the best bits of a stack of Husker Du, Bad Religion and Buzzcocks records, with some tentative nods to the expanses of Fugazi and Burning Airlines during 'One Step to Slip' and 'It's all Related'. THere should always be a bit of your heart set aside for it.
Rating: 7/10