Hot Water Music returns from tour and drops a big news update


Home. Finally. Tour was amazing, and the usual thanks and love to everyone on the tour and everyone who came out...we truly appreciate it.

Things are pretty slow around here, but there are a few fun things coming to fruition. Here goes...

"Caution" is now out on vinyl. There are 350 colored available through mailorder only. Check out for info on the lost art of mailorder. The remainder of the first press are on black and will be available whever people know that 12"s aren't calendars.

I lied when I said we aren't playing any shows until February. We're doing a one-off breast cancer benefit show on January 26th at the Metro in Chicago with The Trio, The Ghost, The Exit and Sloea. This, in case you didn't already know, will fucking rule.

We're still solidifying tour plans for the winter. As soon as we get things sorted, we'll let you know. There's some pretty freakin cool things shaping up and we're getting kind of antsy to figure things out ourselves, so keep checking back for info.


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