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So, with the much appreciated guest appearance from Pete of The Bouncing Souls earlier this week, we have finished tracking and are on to mixing. And we have an album title--"The New What Next." Honestly, this record totally rules so far. All the songs are coming together and we've had so much fun making it...great vibes all the way around. From our perspective, if you only own one of our records, it should be this one. Anyway, we ended up scrapping a couple of the songs for the time being. Although these are on the back-burner for now, we're going to try and finish them up sometime this summer so we can still get them out at some point.

In definite release news, we do finally have the track selected and turned in for "Rock Against Bush Vol 2." It's called "Kill the Night." It's a damn fine high-energy rocker and we hope you all dig it and we'd again like to thank all the fine people at Fat for giving us an opportunity to contribute to this wonderful cause. Buy the damn thing and vote.

Other than that, we've just been gearing up for the Honda Civic shows and finalizing our fall tour plans. The lineup is almost done, and we'll get the info out to you as soon as we have it for sure.

We're also going to have the new-new website up around the end of June. We're hoping to feature some of SINC's artwork for the new record, have a mailing list, and a more comprehensive links and merch section.
That's all for now...
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