Here is the latest news on the Bad Religion re-issues

I erroneously reported last week that all of the Bad Religion re-issues we "re-mixed and re-mastered." Here is what is TRULY happening with these albums...

- While each of the discs will be remastered, they will not be remixed, as previously reported. What this means is that none of the levels of any instrument will be altered, just the recording as a whole will just be polished up so it doesn't sound so tinny.

- 80-85 will simply become How Could Hell Be Any Worse?, with the original artwork [including a never-before-seen color collage for the lyric sheet]. It will include all the bonus tracks that were on 80-85.

- Generator will contain two bonus tracks - the original versions of "Heaven is Falling" and "Fertile Crescent," originally on the band's Maximumrockandroll 7".

- The re-issues will all be priced lower than ever before.