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Guttermouth - "Gusto"


When you're under bill paying age, getting things in the post is always nice. One thing can enhance it, getting something amazing in the post. Such is the case with the new Guttermouth album, nicely titled Gusto.

I'm not sure if many of you have heard of Guttermouth before, a 4 piece from Orange County, California, the self-proclaimed 'alpha dogs of party punk' sure do seem to like the odd drink. Looking through the bottom of the glass, problems aside (they've reportedly been arrested and shot at) the band sure do produce some high quality music.

For everyone out there familiar with Guttermouth's older material, this album might come as a little bit of a surprise. However they still have some hard, speedy songs in the album, there is also a lot of slower material on this album. In no way am I saying that these songs lack the band's seemingly boundless energy, however you may be a little phased by the different style.

With the opening 'Camp Fire Girl #62' showing the new style in full swing, to 'Contribution', a good example of what you'd expect from Guttermouth, every song is delivered with their incredibly positive 'happy go lucky' attitude.

The album sounds strangely like a Blink 182/Beach Boys collaboration, I know I'm going to regret typing that, but it's true. The song 'My Girlfriend' (also featured on Punk O Rama 7) makes it incredibly hard to be annoyed at anything, with its odd 50's rock theme to it, and pretty damn funny lyrics, everyone I know who's heard it, likes it.

Gusto is not a political album, it's hard to find a scrap of negativity in any song, they tell you everything funny, odd and good about life, and do it brilliantly. There is not one bad track on this album in my opinion.

If you're looking for some fun, light-hearted entertainment, something you can chill out to, yet skate to, I suggest you buy this album. If you're not looking for any of these, buy the CD anyway. I would guarantee you'd like this album, but I'm pretty sure someone would find some way of suing me for saying it :).

Paul Buckley
Music Writer
Member Name: xemetery

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