Great review of the new Give 'Em The Boot IV compilation.

Think of Hellcat and one has visions of black pompadours, tattoos and creepers. But since Hellcat's birth the label has continued to expand and bring it's listeners a complete package of innovative music and artists. That one label releases all these artists is truly remarkable. Go Hellcat Go!! Props to Epitaph for taking a chance and backing such revolutionary artists and getting them noticed.

It has been two years since the last Give 'Em The Boot. GETB lV is heavy loaded with lots of goodies it seems that this has been well worth waiting for. A grand total of 26 tracks and 17 of those previously unreleased it is a gift that's worth getting or giving. With the expected psycho-billy, bay area punk; east coast ska and everything in-between, from Oi! to reggae.

Beginning this comp with Rancid and the previously unreleased (PU),"Killing Zone" is genius. Going back to the roots of the Rancid sound it grabs you and gets you ready for the ride. Lars Fredericksen and the Bastards contribute with "1%", a rockin' good tune. The most exciting track for me is Joe Strummer and the Mescaleros, PU, "Junco Partner" live. This original Clash release from Sandinista! is haunting and moving. Interesting that the new import Brain Failure with "That's What I Know" has obvious Clash influence, these guys ripped it straight from Joe Strummer's cook book.

Another favorite Tiger Army donated one of their more poppy tunes "Atomic". These guys are amazing live, a must see 'specially for us girls. Nekromantix, another great live show, did a super speedy fast cover of Rancid's "Dead Bodies" representing well. Orange, (PU) "No Rest for the Weekend", is catchy, sing-a-long, great in the car at the top of your lungs. I expect to be hearing great things from these guys.

Rezurex, now this is exactly what is expected out of this comp. With "Dio De Los Muertos" they hit the proverbial nail on the head. These guys are the new poster boyz for pzyco-billy. South Central Riot Squad "S.C. Drunx", got Oi!?. It is great to hear that the sound is still alive and breathing down the neck of society. 12 Step Rebels "Skinwalkers" for a relatively new band they can hold there own with the big guns. U.S. Roughnecks "Lost Paradise", I swear Lemmy was singing this one, Mikey should be proud. These hometown boys make a river girl proud.

The East Coast is represented well on this comp. As expected Dropkick Murphys drop by and sing a little ditty that gets the shillelagh movin'. Ducky Boys add more tea for the party with "Break Me", a raw blast of punk pop. If you are into NYC's Agnostic Front you will be stoked on Roger Miret and the Disasters- "Kiss Kiss Kill Kill". But of all the East Coast bands, newcomers, The Unseen are really hitting it hard. They supplied "Waste of Time", another PU, from their album due out soon. The Unseen bring the punk that is reminiscent of the early days, raw an' dirty.

F-minus, Die Hunns and HorrorPops make me proud to be a woman, bring it sister's, I recommend the F-minus full length "Wake Up Screaming". Die Hunns-check out these Hunn's live show. Their "Marshall Law" is a welcomed addition to this comp. HorrorPops is another must see, the latest trip to the Troubadour was well worth it. I wanna lick em' all. "Where They Wander" is a good release but they have many others to be appreciated. Thanks to all the girlz out there rockin' it.

Although I am a fan of Transplants their song "Romper Stomper" doesn't seem to fit into this comp and is not the best release by them.

Respect to the Slackers who have been on each of the GETB comps. Here they get political with "Propaganda". Other ska/reggae acts include The Aggrolites, Chris Murray and Westbound Train. "Dirty Reggae" by the Aggrolites is my favorite of this genre on this comp. Ending the comp with Westbound Train's "Room to Breathe" I think left the package flat when it could have closed out with a bang.

All in all this is a must have for those that appreciate punk, ska, reggae and psycho-billy.

By Kimmerly
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