reviews both Turbonegro re-issues

Album: Ass Cobra/Apocalypse Dudes
Label: Epitaph
by Ryan Bartek 4

Jello Biafra said that Turbonegro is "probably the most important European band ever." Frank Kozik also called them "the best band ever." Personally, I wouldn't go that far, but one thing is for certain: Turbonegro f**king rock. This February, Epitaph will be re-releasing their two strongest albums, Ass Cobra and Apocalypse Dudes, to prepare American audiences for the forthcoming Scandinavian Leather record. Apocalypse Dudes is a testament to pure rock fury, showing a versatility that mixes influences from AC/DC to The Stooges to Lynyrd Skynyrd and beyond. It's an excellent mix of classic and nu-school rock, with driving percussion, infectious riffing and solos galore. Ass Cobra is what the band calls "hardcore death punk" ---- bludgeoning thrashing, catchy choruses, filthy lyrics, total rock 'n' roll chaos in every direction. This is essential no-bullshit rock that everyone should have in their collection. You will not be disappointed.

Reason to Buy: Rawk!

Best Listening Experience: "Denim Demon" and "Hobbit Motherf**kers."

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