Get killer new ringtones from Escape The Fate, The Matches, I Am Ghost & more!

We have just launched a ton of new Epitaph ringtones by your favorite artists, and getting them has never been easier!

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New/Available Ringtones from Epitaph:

The Matches
What Katie Said
Chain Me Free
Paper Cut Skin

I Am Ghost
Our Friend Lazarus Sleeps
Killer Likes Candy
Pretty People Never Lie-Vampires Really Never Die

Patent Pending

Escape The Fate
Not Good Enough For Truth In Cliché
The Guillotine
The Ransom

From First To Last
The Latest Plague
World War Me
Note To Self
Ride The Wings of Pestilence

Matchbook Romance
Say It Like You Mean It
My Eyes Burn

Motion City Soundtrack
Everything Is Alright
Feels Like Rain
Hold Me Down
The Future Freaks Me Out