Within two weeks, the video for the first single "Alone" from Falling In Reverse's forthcoming album has already racked up over a million and a half views. The track has also been one of the most streamed songs in the US and around the world since it's release.

Now this morning, Falling In Reverse will release the title track "Fashionably Late" as the second single from their forthcoming album. Fans can stream the track here.

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And can purchase the track from iTunes href="http://itunes.apple.com/WebObjects/MZStore.woa/wa/viewAlbum?id=648732689">here>

Voted as Alternative Press magazine's 2012 "Artist of the Year," one of Revolver's "100 Greatest Living Rock Stars" and Kerrang's "50 Greatest Rock Stars In The World," Radke's band Falling In Reverse will release Fashionably Late on June 18th on Epitaph Records. It's the follow up to their Top 20 debut The Drug In Me Is You.

Since forming in 2008, Falling In Reverse have racked up a fanatical fan base, so much so that the band's legendary videos have been viewed over 30 million times.

The attitude of the 1980's Sunset Strip, the bravado of battle-ready rap, the take-no-prisoners bottom end of metalcore and the boundless revelry of underground EDM parties have all beautifully converged in this one band and this new album. It's for everyone on Instagram, on Twitter, or anyone with a brain and two ears.

A pre order for Fashionably Late is up now. Fans can order the album on their website.

With Fashionably Late, Falling In Reverse continues to push the envelope musically, while writing songs that are strong enough to cross over into the mainstream. Their new album is arriving right on time.