F-Minus' "Wake Up Screaming" is praised by technopunkmusic.com

They'll make you sit through seven razor-edged brutality pieces before they'll show you how fucking great they can be but before they hit their stride on Wake Up Screaming, F-Minus make it perfectly clear that above all else nothing is more important than continuously pushing forward to knock shit over.

This violent slice from a life that views the world as treacherous, fake and oppressive is also an assault on anything easily rhythmic. You need to be fascinated by filthy hardcore punk to appreciate F-Minus' greatest gift, the dual guitar attack, alternating vocal work of Brad Logan and Erica Daking.

One of the better benefits of dual lead vocalists is when Logan hits the lead while Daking gets her own interludes and bloodies up the background. Individually, Logan's gruff vocals leads "Here Lies Jessica," the eight track, the one that establishes their awesome relevancy, to triumph while Daking is fantastically intimidating on the chest-caving "Never Live To See."

Although not for the emotionally fragile, F-Minus' showcase is Hellcat's most attractively ugly and violent release since Rancid's second self-titled masterpiece. Much like that supergroup's superb makeover, F-Minus may very well make one Wake Up Screaming.

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