Exclusive: Motion City Soundtrack Plays New Tunes Live!

Watch the Minneapolis quintet perform three fresh tracks from their forthcoming record, Even If It Kills Me, on SPIN.com.

Touring in advance of Even If It Kills Me, their forthcoming Epitaph release (out Sept. 18), Motion City Soundtrack rolled through New York City's Gramercy Theater last Wednesday (July 25) and unveiled three brand new, obscenely addictive tunes to a rambunctious assembly of devout fans -- and, exclusively, to SPIN.com. No joke, we have been listening to these songs non-stop, and they are firmly embedded in our noggins. Behold the anthemic, punk-overdrives of "Fell in Love Without You," the head bangin', sing-along vocal hooks of "This Is for Real," and the lofty melodies of "Broken Heart" -- to which fans already knew the words, thanks to a clever music video that emerged a few weeks ago on href=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jpb5uCkFUdk>YouTube>.

href=http://www.spin.com/video/2007/07/motioncity_live/motioncity_live.html>CLICK TO WATCH MOTION CITY SOUNDTRACK LIVE!

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