Essential NOFX gretest hits review from Transform Online.

Thank God some things don't change.

Days of listening to your old NOFX mix tape are over. After almost 20 years of punk rocking, NOFX is finally releasing a best-of collection brilliantly titled The Greatest Songs Ever Written (By Us).

NOFX are crowned veterans of the punk rock scene, having sold over 4.5 million records worldwide in the absence of a major label. Old school fans have remained loyal to the band while their music continues to gain popularity amongst the ever-growing number of newcomers. And even though the present day scene has received its fair share of criticism and knockdowns, NOFX are still regarded with the same love and respect from that of 10 years ago. They're as original, entertaining, comedic, in your face, and unapologetic as ever. Thank God some things don't change.

This greatest hits compilation contains 26 classics and one brand new tune ("Wore Out the Soles of My Party Boots"). If you've ever followed the band -- and let's be honest, who in their right mind hasn't -- this album is a must. In addition to the songs, which include favorites such as "Bob," "Bleeding Heart Disease," "Soul Doubt," "Linoleum," and "What's the Matter With Kids Today," the album comes with a 24 page booklet featuring rare photos from throughout the years. It's a sweet, sweet thing... I suggest you indulge yourself -- now.

By Tanya van Kampen
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