Escape The Fate ready new album, Dying Is You Latest Fashion!

Warped Tour Sensations Escape The Fate To Drop Epitaph Debut
Dying Is Your Latest Fashion Due Sept. 26

Escape The Fate – the Las Vegas-based hard rock/screamo outfit currently tearing up the Smartpunk Stage on the Warped Tour – will release its hotly-anticipated Epitaph debut album, Dying Is Your Latest Fashion, on September 26, 2006. On the heels of ETF’s well-received debut EP, There Is No Sympathy For The Dead, the long-player was recorded with Michael Baskette (Lit, Puddle of Mudd), who also helmed the preceding disc.

“I don’t want to come off like an asshole,” says outspoken frontman Ronnie. “But we’re gonna be that change in music. I have a vision. I want people to have fun, put their fists in the air.” And it’s that apparition of life as juke box heroes, coupled with explosive live shows built on a fusion of sincerity and intensity, that has helped the group win over Warped attendees across the United States.

Infused with a manic, passionate desire to wake people up, the songs on Dying Is Your Latest Fashion do just that. Evidenced by the earnest, angry “Webs I Weave,” declarative first single “Situations” and the scorching, chaotic “Reverse This Curse,” Escape The Fate – which also counts guitarist Omar, bassist Max, guitarist Bryan and drummer Robert – also reveals it’s willingness to take chances. From the unplugged touch of “Acoustic Song” to the electronica-inspired “My Apocalypse,” the young band exudes a depth absent from many of the bands currently populating the scene.

If it’s little surprise that ETF’s profile is surging venue by venue, the band is ready for the big time. “We’re getting recognized in every city,” Ronnie says happily, confidently adding, “It’s gonna happen. Watch. I’m not jokin’. We’re gonna be the biggest thing. So huge. I know it.”