Error gets 9/10 from Metal Hammer!

NIN, Bad Religion and Dillinger men team up for avant-garde noise project

Error is collaboration between NIN and Tapeworm conspirator Atticus Ross, Brett Guerwitz -- architect of Bad Religion and Epitaph Records -- and Dillinger Escape Plan vocalist Greg Puciato. It was conceived through the frustration that the protagonists felt at much of the safe, radio-friendly pap, which has recently tried to sneak in under the punk banner; Error seeks to return to the days when punk was something to be scared of. The 'Error EP' scales a sheer rock-face of dark, demented, confrontational genius, which grinds down all punk templates, in favour of an unrelenting soundtrack made of the harsh industrial beats of a technology gone mad, bad and very dangerous to know. Expect to hear the brooding aggression of Skinny Puppy, the decayed digital dementia of Clint Mansell's Pi movie soundtrack and a more listenable analogue of the incendiary, distorted drum and bass metal of Alex Empire and ATR.

Rejoice: punk's industrial revolution has arrived.

Metal Hammer Mar '04 - Mark Norton (9)