Epitaph welcomes its newest edition, Boston metalcore up-and-comers VANNA.

Perhaps the best kept secret in the flourishing New England post-hardcore scene, VANNA had hardly been together a year before capturing the attention of Epitaph - who has joined forces with the young band and is now looking forward to a debut release in early 2006.

VANNA is taking the hardcore sound to a new level by weaving a textural sonic web of vocals that vary from clear, soaring melodies to visceral growls and incensed screams. This unique vocal approach is perfectly complimented by dual guitars that attack with merciless precision and bitter-sweet dissonance.

While VANNA wouldn’t hesitate to proclaim their “old school” roots, this young band simultaneously keeps collective irons in the fire of contemporary hardcore and metalcore.

Citing bands such as As I Lay Dying, He Is Legend, Underoath, Neil Perry, Everytime I Die, Norma Jean and The Chariot as huge influences, VANNA draws from a diverse pool of sound to create their unique and exciting brand of music.

Regardless of titles and influences, VANNA keeps their ideals as a band focused on a very simple concept: "It’s all about high energy just thrashing the place (where we are playing) to the ground."