Epitaph Records is proud to announce the signing of North Carolina based power-pop sextet Farewell. The group is currently wrapping up their debut album, which will be released later this fall.

Formed in 2004, Farewell consists of Marshall Davis (vocals), Chris Lee (keyboard, vocals), Kevin Carter (guitar), Wil Andrews (guitar), Buddy Bell (bass) and Jeff Ellis (drums). Bonded by their shared love of music and distaste for school and jobs, the guys began playing local gigs to escape the sheer boredom. While living in Greensboro, North Carolina, a scene saturated by hardcore and screamo, Farewell felt compelled to do something different. Instead of imitating the music of bands around them the group created an amalgam of pop-punk, synth rock and tight harmonies that lace together forming a spectacularly unique power-pop sound.

"We draw from all areas of music- everything from the Beach Boys to Green Day. We like to have really catchy songs that you want to sing along to, but we also try to focus on substance," says frontman Davis. "Basically, we're not looking to be another blip on the radar."
Over the next few years Farewell continued playing live shows throughout the East attracting new fans in every city they played. With a dedicated fanbase, a rocking live show and a dozen or so demos recorded the group was ready to take things to the next level. Soon thereafter, the band caught the eye and ear of president and owner of Epitaph Records, Brett Gurewtiz who saw the band's potential and offered them a deal.
"When we first started getting attention from labels, around a year and a half ago, I remember saying, I want to shoot for Epitaph," exclaims Davis. "Anything else will be settling."

Eying a fall release for the record, Farewell's debut will be nothing short of a good time, leaving listeners jumping to the beats and dancing their asses off. "The new album is fairly different from our earlier work. It is super upbeat and fun," says Davis. "We have basically recorded demos for two full albums in the past year and a half, but we are picking the best of those songs to put on our first full-length. We really have something for everyone on this record."

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