Enter the PARKWAY DRIVE mosh contest!

Contest details: It's time for you to melt our faces! Summon your best scissor kicks, power punches and helicopter moves to show us your best mosh!


1) Film your best mosh move to a Parkway Drive song of your choice
2) Load it to youtube - tag the video "Parkway Drive Mosh"
3) email the link to contest@epitaph.com with the title "PARKWAY DRIVE MOSH CONTEST"

The best mosh video will win a Parkway Drive skate deck. So submit your videos, extra points will be added for smashing things and the most creative videos. Have fun with it and impress us.

Rules: Contest ends December 4th, 2007. All submissions must be made to contest@epitaph.com and be for the a Parkway Drive song off our new record "Horizons". Please allow 6 weeks following the completion of the contest for prize redemption, if you do not receive your prize, please contact contest@epitaph.com for more information. If under the age of 13, please get permission from Parent or Guardian before participating. All videos must be tagged with "Parkway Drive Mosh".

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