E! Online gives new Motion City Soundtrack an CD an A- review!

Thanks to their fine Memory, Minneapolis' Motion City Soundtrack forgot to have a sophomore slump. Following the band's impressive, punk-glazed 2003 debut, I Am the Movie, this disc is a high-voltage trip through the mind of demented frontman and lyricist Justin Pierre. And it's a trip worth taking. Led by the production work of Blink-182's Mark Hoppus, Memory sounds like a cross between more agile pop-punk bands and, say, Hot Hot Heat. Standouts include "Attractive Today," an anthem of self-doubt, complete with Moog melodies and explosive drumming; "Lgfuad," (which is short for "Let's Get F--ked Up and Die") which serves as a carpe diem call for the Hot Topic set; and "Hold Me Down," a tender apology letter to the one that got (and stayed) away. It's a no-brainer: Check this out.

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