Dutch review of Converge's new record 'You Fail Me'.

Converge are a genre of their own. Whether you like their total chaos or not, you have to agree they are geniuses. "You Fail Me", their Epitaph debut, is different from "Jane Doe" yet undeniably Converge. It's just like singer Jacob Bannon said in the interview that has been featured in Inside Knowledge #9... less metal. I wouldn't quite say more chaos replaced the metal; it's more like they have found a twisted and deformed way of rock, like they do with "Eagles Become Vultures". There's just a subliminal groove going on, stronger and more prominent than ever before. It also seems the musicians are sadder than ever before. With the title song alone, they keep their hearts out on the streets. I only wonder if they aren't afraid someone will run into it? It's again an open book into the feelings of total strangers, as that is what Converge are to me. With "In Her Shadow" the band even attempts to play a ballad, yet it still is as intense as any Converge song ever written. I think I can say the metal got replaced by yet more variety. For some reason I can also relate more to this album than the older ones. It's again a record that keeps you in total awe by the time it's done.

By Martijn Welzen
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