DKM's "Live On St. Patrick's Day" is praised by

Dropkick Murphys - "Live On St. Patrick's Day"

DKM is back with a vengence with this new release. Over 70 minutes of heart-pounding, bone-shattering, celtic rock. DKM is known for their rich folk sound and catchy harmonies. This release is no exception and takes you through much of the DKM live show experience if you have never done yourself the favor to see these guys.

One of the many strengths of this disc is that is has such a wide spectrum of DKM songs. Whether they be "drunken lullibies" (yes, that would be a Flogging Molly plug) or true love songs, they are rocking. From new to old, this is one of the best DKM releases yet.

DKM explodes into this CD with the popular song "From Boston" and continues with many other high energy tracks ncluding "The Gauntlet", "Good Rats", and "Barroom Hero" just to name a few. Also, DKM does a spirit raising remedy of "Amazing Grace" that will rock anyone's socks. All in all, great CD, and a great band.

*8.5/10* - Amazing energy, rich sound, highly original, Celtic Rock at its best. Sure to blow your kilt right off!


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