Division Of Laura Lee scores 9/10 in this review!

In reviews describing DOLL's sound, critics have mentioned a list of bands that reads like the midnight playlist for a hip college radio station. DOLL cite influences from such post-punk essentials as Joy Division and Jesus and Mary Chain, as well as indie faves Fugazi and Drive Like Jehu. First of all, realize that no band ever compared to Joy Division really sounds like Joy Division. Aside from that, believe the hype. It's true.

"Need To Get Some" is undeniably the best song on the album, at once catchy and aloof, introspective and easy to rock out to. The dark, melodic "Trapped In" is probably the song that gets the critics reaching for their old Stone Roses and Jesus and Mary Chain LPs. Songs like "The Truth Is Fucked" and "Black City" sound like what would happen if the Hot Snakes got together with Daisy Chainsaw and took downers. And "Second Rule Is" is a straight up punk song (note Ramones reference in title), clocking in at a mere one minute, thirty seconds.

Jaded, dark, and sophisticated, DOLL's Black City shows the world that there's more to the Swedish music scene than coordinating outfits and hyperkinetic garage punk.

9 out of 10.
Zoe Bower
11/18/2002 11:43:07 PM

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