Division of Laura Lee is covered by the L.A. Weekly

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Scandinavia has been putting out garage bands at the rate of one per month for the last year, so when Johnny-come-latelies Division of Laura Lee were damned with faint praise in a major music mag, it wasn't all that surprising. Then again, you have to wonder if the journalist bothered to pop Black City into the CD player. No disrespect to the Hives or whoever, but DoLL alchemize 25 years' worth of goth-glam mugging, punk ferocity, psych-pop gauziness and hip-gyrating soul into a slice of now-wave heaven with the same ease they take a piss in the Stockholm snow. And if Per Ståhlberg's snarling Brit-accented delivery on "We've Been Planning This for Years" and "The Truth Is Fucked" don't convince you of these dudes' unalloyed badassness, then nothing will. Be prompt and catch the unassailably cool sound of '92 with Seattle young'uns the Catheters. (Andrew Lentz)