Division of Laura Lee gets four stars from MOJO.

Division Of Laura Lee
Das Not Compute
* * * * (four stars)

Premier-league angst-rock from Gothenburg

Scandi-rock burgeons on unabated, with this highly strung quartet applying the embarrassment of melodic riches common to all bands north of Holland, only in their case to a harsh, borderline psychotic breed of rockin' darkness. A list of DOLL's intense forebears would have to include Joy Division, Pixies. The God Machine, Killing Joke and My Bloody Valentine. Recorded dockside in Gothenburg at The Soundtrack Of Our Lives' studio, whose bassist Kalle Gustafsson, produces and various other members chip in, this second album carries all those influences forward in a hi-tech, ultra-modern production. Catchy and disturbing, Dirty Love finds them at their most anthemic, guest singer Nina Persson adding a saccharine dimension to the song's carnal filth. Breathe Breathe is another corker, simmering with John Carpenter-esque menace. At least four others could be radio hits. In fact, Das Not Compute could make sense on a massive scale.

Andrew Perry

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