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For the sake of this album review, let's pretend I am a 15-year-old Scandinavian hooker and the Division of Laura Lee is my pimp. Once I bought into the band's debut Black City, I had no choice but to submit to every aspect of the band's Swedish naked, eclectic and electric rock. For a more concrete sound description, think The Pixies trading blows with The Stones.

Black City launches with its poppiest track and current single, "Need to Get Some," which prepares listeners with the most fascinating part of the album: all the quirky sounds in the background. In this particular song, police sirens and a climaxing female moan are heard behind the music --- definitely cool.

Per Stalberg's voice is crassly attractive, capable of fondling young and innocent ears. He shares the same voice and vocal capacity of Mick Jagger and, coincidently, both sing womanizing lyrics sprinkled with a few metaphor-rich drug references. Though you could probably kick a field goal between his front teeth, sound supersedes sight when he commands you to "give it up" during the following track--- the spiraling "We've Been Planning This for Years."

In "Number One," the guitar attack is so strong that it drowns out the percussion and creates its own. At first, it bears strong similarity to The Hives' "Main Offender," but come chorus, a melee of dangling electronics prance along the crunching riffs. It's a shame the song is only three minutes long; I could rock out much longer.

Some songs are so magnificently crafted, you'll find yourself humming the guitar hook or tapping your fingers to their offbeat percussion. In "I Guess I'm Healed," bongos play a game of hopscotch over a thundering bass hum. Meanwhile, Stalberg sings an ignorantly remorseful chorus: "I used to cry myself to sleep for 10 years, but now I'm dry. I guess I'm healed." But two songs later, Laura Lee turns a 180 with its snotty title track. Stalberg whines like a tough guy with a transparent vendetta while trapped under a fast-paced pulse --- "If common sense means no control, you've got it."

After realizing I've become so dependent on D.O.L.L.'s music, I tried escaping by finding other emerging rock acts to hook up with. No luck. Good Charlotte can't charm me with guitar skills of a pre-schooler; Audioslave sounds like my ex trying to say, "Hey, look, I changed"; and I'd rather give myself a swirly than listen to one more Linkin Park song.

I am unable to avoid Laura Lee's stronghold on my privates (my ears, you perv!), and thus, my seduction is complete. I need and want to get some more of Laura Lee.

-Mike Caggeso
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