Division Of Laura Lee forced to cancel European tour

Bad luck has hit DOLL once again. Earlier this year, the band had to cancel some shows when their lead singer Per went down with a serious case of the flu. Well, sickness has struck again, and this time their guitarist David has been hospitalized. Here is a note from Per on the situation and future plans:

"Dear audience, This tour has been amazing in all ways, fantastic audience, met some incredible people, everything was amazing until May 20.th in Zürich where Jonas was to sick to enter the stage, due to fever and influenza. Hakan & I entered the stage to fulfill our undertakings, but left the stage after 10 minutes of making noise.
David became seriously ill and it led to grave consequences for David trying to attend the stage & as David was acute diseased he was emergently taken to a hospital where the doctor had to drug him from his pain and put intravenous drip to his body. David is ordered to be in the hospital for observation the nearest 3-4 days and will not be able to fulfill his undertakings on doing the rest of the tour-dates on this tour. Yesterday evening we were not even able to receive contact with David as he was on such heavy medication. Our tourmanager Erik Welén is sitting by David & will update us all very soon. We are right now heading back to Gothenburg.

We'll update more soon & again we are so sorry to cancel the upcoming dates in München, Köln, Bielefeld & Berlin. We'll be back.

Take care
Per Stalberg 22/5"